Opera de Tenerife unveils 2019-2020 programme

Opera de Tenerife has unveiled its 2019-2020 programme with this spectacular video showcasing parts of Tenerife and forming them as parts of the titles of the productions themselves. Many will be delighted to see Verdi’s La Traviata and Rigoletto among them, and some will find pieces previously unknown to them as well. The programme will also include the now familiar wide range of complementary activities linked to almost all fields of artistic production, education and outreach. Ópera de Tenerife’s website with all details of the full programme and all productions, the company, the auditorium and the extras is HERE.


  1. Buenos tardes
    I am planning to be in Tenerife from November 23 to December 10 and would like to see an opera in Santa Cruz.
    Could pleaase inform me what is on in that period and how I can order tickets. Gracias

    1. Author

      The link to the full programme for the 2017-18 programme is in the post above. Tickets can be bought at the box office, or online at the auditorium HERE.

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