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Update 26 July: I’m not on commission, I promise! But once again a huge thank you to Adal in Optica Downes, from both me and my husband. I’ve had something wrong with one of my eyes for the last couple of weeks, wasn’t sure what it was, just like there was something in it. Nothing would stop the irritation, and I assumed that it would pass, or that it was conjunctivitis which itself would pass, or that it was dust from the calima, something that always irritates my eyes. After my husband started complaining over the last couple of days about a problem with one of his eyes, however, we decided to chance a visit to the optician this morning. Start in the obvious place, we thought, and see where that leads.

Well, we were given around an hour’s intensive attention between us, involving a range of drops to cause various specific effects to aid Adal’s close investigation. This is after arriving unannounced and yet still being seen and treated on the spot. My husband’s case is being monitored, but in my own case, an ingrowing eyelash which had been causing the problem was identified and removed. Instant relief, but I was also given a note to take to my GP for antibiotic drops. I cannot praise this optician too highly. Please don’t waste your time going anywhere else if you have the slightest problem or concern with your eyes. Adal really is your man.

Update 8 April: An update, and one that I might not ordinarily have considered necessary, but again I have to report suberb service from Optica Downes. In the end, I decided that given the new lenses, my old thin metal frames just weren’t up to the job, and so opted for new frames after all. I stress that this was my own choice, in advance, and not at all influenced by Adal, the optician. I now have new glasses, and to find an optician, a man, who is prepared to humour a middle-aged woman for at least half an hour in choosing frames is a revelation. I have been in opticians where the choice of frames was … one. I have been in opticians where there was a reasonable choice of frames but where I felt a nuisance, and was clearly being hurried to make a choice. This optician is solid gold peeps. I’m not on commission, nor have any vested interest. I just know when I’m being treated as a human being, and a valued customer. Can’t give a higher recommendation.

While I’m posting, did you know that many lenses are Chinese mass manufactured? I didn’t. Anyone who wears glasses will know that lenses are made individually according to prescription, and those lenses are supposed to cater for the eye’s movement, allowing that prescription to work properly regardless of the direction in which one is looking. Unfortunately, Chinese lenses only work properly if one is looking straight ahead, and so any vision other than full-on sight is compromised. It transpires that many chain opticians and internet spectacle vendors use Chinese lenses to save money. Adal in Optica Downes even provides a certificated card to guarantee that his lenses are made in the EU in accordance with EU regulations. I have mine in my possession. As I say, I can’t give a higher recommendation.

Original post 2 April:  I don’t often make this sort of post but I must make a personal recommendation of an optician who gave me an eye test this morning. My husband already had his glasses from Optica Downes and so I was fairly confident in approaching them after suffering pretty serious eye strain for the last few weeks. I also had a bit of concern about glaucoma, too, given a history of it in my family. Well, I was treated with care, concern, and professionalism, had an eye test comprising various elements and machines, and then given a personal consultation on my prescription and helped to choose lenses. And then I was given a discount. And to cap it all, the optician, Adal Downes, is half English, so can speak in fluent English to anyone who doesn’t speak Spanish.

I’ve rarely been quite so impressed, and regular readers will know that I rarely make such posts as this – for that very reason! This is one very worthy exception, however, and I would recommend Optica Downes to anyone who needs an eye test. Adal is based in Calle Grande in Adeje, the old road up from the post office to the town hall. It’s on the left as you go uphill, about halfway up the main hill where the town hall and old church are located. As you’ll see from the business card above, this is a fully professional optician offering the full diagnostic and prescriptive range.


  1. Janet, if it only took you half an hour, you did very well. I also have a brilliant optician in the UK, also not part of a chain, whose service is second to none. Even gives me the key to the cabinet that contains the most expensive glasses and when I’ve chosen the most inappropriate pair, she gently suggests some others that might look better. In the end, I always buy two pairs. So, she’s a good saleswoman without even trying.

  2. No matter how good he is, you should always consider the option of getting your specs in the UK if you have the chance. My wife has a prescription for multifocus lenses and likes the Reactolite option. Downes have just offered my wife a choice of two lens options for 600 or 800 Euros, frames extra. The price in the UK is £320 plus frames and for well under 600 Euros she can have a spare pair of prescription sunglasses as well. On this basis she is going back to the UK and will still pay less than the minimum price offered in Adeje.

  3. Author

    It’s important, Dennis, for her also to make sure that the UK optician gives the EU certificate for the lenses to guarantee they’re not cheap Chinese ones …
    Given the prescription you describe, I’m not surprised at the cost in Tenerife, to be honest. I’ve had a quote for almost that from another optician here for a far less involved pair of glasses. Adal in Optica Downes was much cheaper than that, so for those who are stuck in Tenerife, I can say from my own experience that he’s not expensive compared to others here.

  4. I’m afraid lenses (and frames) are subject to huge mark ups in the UK and presumably Tenerife by local opticians, and yes, also by the multiples. A little research on line, will save a fortune. The trick is when you get your prescription, If you use Varifocals you will also need PD (Pupil distance) which they don’t give you unless you ask. You can then get a pair made within a few days, at prices you wouldn’t believe. But as Janet says use only branded lens.

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