Original Jacksons in concert in Santa Cruz

The original Jackons will be in concert at 10pm on 21 December in the Darsena de los Llanos in Santa Cruz where the Christmas concert is held and where Michesl Jackson himself performed 25 years ago. The concert is for the anniversary and it’s just before their 50th anniversary tour. Organizers say it is the only concert the brothers will be performing in the Canaries, and that Tito, Jermaine, Jackie, and Marlon will be performing live with a band. Tickets are now available from the Magma Centre or online at www.thejacksonstenerife.com priced at €38, 55,75 and €150 for VIPs which include drinks all night and champagne. Return transport to the concert from the Magma Centre is €12 p/p.

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