Orotava Winter Festival postponed due to weather alert

Orotava Winter Festival postponed due to weather alert

Photo: Tenerife Cabildo.

Updated 2 December: With the Aemet orange alert and the DGSE’s alert for high winds in Tenerife over coming hours, La Orotava Ayuntamiento has announced that the Winter Festival has been postponed. It will no longer be held this month because, the council says, public safety is paramount, and it would not be fair anyway to the stallholders and their merchandise to subject them to such conditions. The Ayuntamiento apologises for the inconvenience and says it will announce the date the festival will be held as soon as it’s reorganized.


Original post 30 November: The Tenerife Cabildo has announced that La Orotava will be the setting for a new event that will fuse fashion, gastronomy, and leisure, with the collaboration of both Cabildo and Ayuntamiento. The event will form part of official Christmas campaigns and will be known as Orotava Winter Festival. It will be held between 11am and 11pm on Saturday and Sunday, 3 and 4 December, in the area of the Plaza de la Constitución and Escultor Estévez Bridge.

There will be tapas, sweets, traditional foods, music, comedy, fashion shows, jewellery, and much more, all on display from some 50 local businesses. Efraín Medina, the Cabildo’s economy and business councillor, said that the event will be a quality festival which is here to stay, and that it is a commercial initiative combing leisure, culture, fashion, gastronomy to create a unique product that will appeal to everyone. Medina said that La Orotava’s commercial sector was doing a good job in being competitive and attractive, and was leading the field.

La Orotava’s economic development councillor Felipe David Benítez said that La Orotava at Christmas is a brilliant place “because it offers absolutely everything, and this weekend it will be a showcase of everything that the town can offer at this time of year”. There will be some traffic disruption in the town for the event, as described in the poster below.


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