Overturned lorry causes chaos as it spills load at entry to Los Cristianos

Photos: Buenos Dias Canarias TV.

It actually looked far worse, thankfully, than it really was, but it really did look terrible! A lorry carrying loose waste overturned this morning by the Hipertrebol in Los Cristianos, blocking the dual carriageway to the TF1 from the main roundabout at the entrance to town.

Emergency services say that the 53-year-old driver was fortunate only to have suffered cuts and bruises in the accident but his lorry’s load was less lucky, being spread all over the road and central reservation. Needless to say, anyone trying to get in or especially out of town early this morning experienced significant delays, but the Policía Local say that the road was fully reopened shortly before 11.30am.

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  1. So glad no-one was hurt but it must have been pretty chaotic for motorists trying to get in or out.

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