Ozone hole caused by Teide gaseous emissions

Update 29 December: I’m sure most of you will have been aware, or at least worked out, that this story was a prank for Holy Innocents’ Day, but I wanted to post it first to enter the spirit of the occasion, and secondly because it’s one of the better ones I saw yesterday – not least because it really seemed to be a victim-less prank. I can’t actually guarantee it’s a joke by Acanmet, by the way, but I’m pretty sure it is!

Original post 28 December: Somewhat worrying news from the Canarian Met Association (Acanmet) … direct link HERE.

A hole in the ozone layer has been found directly over Teide as result of gaseous volcanic emissions. The discovery was accidental, a few weeks ago. The Tenerife Cabildo, in accordance with the PEO (Special Ozone Plan), has activated a series of recommendations for visitors, particularly those who visit the crater and summit of Tenerife inadequately dressed. Volunteers are on hand at the entrance to the national park with sun creams and protective clothing. Investigations continue, but readings are said to be at an all time low, so precautions are being taken even if, eventually, they are found to have been unnecessary.

INVOLCAN scientists, more famous lately in respect of the El Hierro eruption, admitted that the measurement of the gases was on the low side, but that the readings were still within the “normal range”. The organization is sending up detection balloons, however, whose sensors will give a more accurate reading from altitude. Involcan said that although Teide was at no risk whatsoever of eruption, it was still emitting gases, and the effect was like that of a chimney, leading to a concentration some 3km in diameter above the Teide crater.

Involcan, together with Acanmet, is preparing a scientific paper to be given in the prestigious Trinity College, Dublin, journal “O Zone”. Avcan (Actualidad Volcánica de Canarias) said it was following the worrying development and that all communications would be made through the PEO. I will of course update whenever there’s any more news.


  1. Joining in the 28 December spirit, I see. Hope the hole in the ozone layer does not damage the banana farm on the Verónicas site!! Cheers.

  2. Author

    😀 It’s one of the best I’ve seen today, I must say!

  3. I also understand that airplanes are required to avoid the airspace within 50k of the southern slope in case this causes further tremors.

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