Santa Cruz Ayuntamiento first to issue fines for discarded masks and gloves

Updated 9 June: Such a problem it has become that one council, Santa Cruz, has started issuing fines to anyone caught discarding gloves or masks away and not disposing of them correctly. The measure was confirmed by the ayuntamiento’s Environment Councillor, Florentino Guzmán, who said in a Cope Radio interview that some people just chuck them anywhere, in streets, plazas, protected environments, and even in the sea. Guzmán said that these items were regarded as hazardous waste because they could contain the virus and be a focus of infection. As such, the first fines ranging from €100 to €500 have been issued in the last few days for masks and gloves discarded in the Parque Rural de Anaga. The councillor called on the public to collaborate with the authorities and discard gloves and masks in bins to avoid risk and to be socially responsible.

Original post 3 June: One person, one walk, one photo …  17 plastic gloves and 7 masks. That was in 45 minutes in Palm Mar, Arona, this morning. They’re on a washing line to show the extent, almost certainly clean, at least in terms of the virus, but maybe not …

Are we still in the mindset that it’s someone else’s job to pick up our crap? And that’s without considering the infection potential, or the “plastic issue”. 

People, plastic, pick up …


  1. Author

    This post was to report a problem with dropped gloves and masks and so to ask people to dispose of their plastic responsibly, not to provide an opportunity for people to trash general health safety measures. Since this apparently isn’t obvious, I’m closing the post to comments.

  2. This has been a problem in my area of Valle San Lorenzo too with masks /gloves. And gloved hands still need washing the same as bare hands. All masks and gloves are doing are lulling us into false sense security health wise.
    Dog walkers are few and far between with their poop bags from the state of the garden in front of our house which is left to my husband to clear away! Now the added extras of masks/ gloves. ?Why gloves are worn outside beats me as you still need to wash hands with these in situ! They collect dirt and germs on your hands.
    Also we have found the gloves have been used to collect the poop and then just left for someone else to remove.
    masks and gloves and cigarettes!! Thank you.
    MPD – 7.06.2020

  3. Totally agree, people are so LAZY, or simply don’t give a monkeys…..

    Perhaps people should also make the effort if they have dogs to pick up the sh*t as well.
    Disgusting, who do they think picks it up?
    Lazy, just lazy.
    And yet we are supposed to carry water & pooh bags with us every time we take our pooch for a walk……

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