Painstaking operation to recover lorry full of diesel which fell into a barranco becoming perched on the edge of a cliff

Photo: Gobcan.

The Canarian Government’s Security and Emergencies Board (Dirección General de Seguridad y Emergencias) has had its work cut out to stop an environmental disaster after a tanker lorry full of fuel fell down the Barranco de la Hondura in the Tacoronte area and ended up perched precariously on the edge of a cliff. The accident happened at the end of last month, and a recovery operation has been in the planning for the past couple of weeks not only to retrieve the lorry, but to make arrangements for the 3,000 litres of diesel it had on board.

The Cabildo has published the following video of the operation, which saw a 120m crane in operation at 11.30 this morning overseen by the DGSE with the participation of Protección Civil, Bomberos, Policía Canaria and Policía Local. The fuel was transferred to three tanks that were hoisted by the same crane.



  1. What has happened to the driver ?
    Has he survived ?
    If yes, how is his condition at present ?

    1. Author

      Apparently he was not in the vehicle, or managed to get out, before it fell. I have no firm information but there was no fatality.

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