Palm Mar residents clean up

Update 2 December: Peter Clarke has sent me the above photo, and says:

These are just some of the people who were present during Sunday’s Clean up of Palm Mar  and they all put a great deal of effort into  tidying the area near the sea front. I was particularly pleased that one of our supporters, who only comes out to Palm Mar very infrequently on her holidays, but always gives us loads of support on the Palm Mar Group site,  was able to join us, so many thanks again to young Petra.
The next clean up will take place in two weeks time on Sunday 14th at 10.30am at El Pescaito Bar, this was especially chosen so hopefully we can get a few Canarians to join our group. The next step will be the most difficult i.e trying to get some help from Arona Council.

Photo: Peter Clarke
Photo: Peter Clarke

Update 27 November: Peter Clarke says:

We have received a great deal of support from the residents of Palm Mar and from other areas who wish to copy our scheme.

This Sunday we are meeting at 9.45am in Pearls Pantry and having a clean up along the main street towards the archway.

It will be for a maximum of 2 hours and we would like as many people as possible to come and help.
Aprons supplied, but please bring your own gloves and some plastic bags.

Thanks once again for all your support.

Update 28 October: The following notes of the meeting at El Mocan on the 26th have now been posted in the Clean Up Palm Mar event page on Facebook (link).

There was 29 people in attendance of various nationalities, although, disappointingly some 24 people who stated they would definitely be coming were absent. Representation came from Club de Mar, Balandros, Laderas, Pariasio I and II, Cape Selima and various streets.

Peter opened the meeting by thanking everyone for their efforts and support over the previous month. There was also a mention of Janet Anscombe who has supported the Clean Up Campaign by placing an article and photographs on her website. Through the chair there was a request to give special thanks to Tess Spelman for all her hard work and also Karine Lecat who kindly donated 200 red aprons for use in the Clean Up Campaign.

Peter asked if there was anyone willing to volunteer to be responsible for fund raising. There was much discussion regarding charity donations e.g. Who holds it; how it is spent and legalities. Sue Cooper was mentioned as a possibility. Mark Thornton agreed to approach local business for support, John Bentley, president of Laderas has said he has a couple of signs to put up along the back road of Calle Quezal.

Vicky Jackson presented posters that could be used around Palm Mar and it was agreed we use as many different types to attract the attention of the reader.

It was suggested that Communities be approached regarding support, however there was no firm decision made.

It was also suggested that volunteers be aware of culprits leaving poo and offering them a plastic bag (nappy bags are very cheap to buy!) This was agreed that some of the group would be vigilant.

Peter Clarke said, although not in our remit we should approach Arona Council regarding the collection of all dead palm tree branches scattered around Palm Mar. Peter Clarke agreed to follow this up.

Ann Benton reiterated from the last meeting that if we phone Arona Council on 010 we can ask to be dealt with by an English speaker. For those who wish to send photos or communicate via email with Arona their address is

Concern from a number of people regarding the state of Palm Mar being openly published on this site would deter visitors. It was therefore agreed to create a separate group which Vicky Jackson has done called Clean Up Palm Mar

Hopefully this summarises most of the discussion of the meeting

Peter suggested instead of a meeting next month that we should clean up the main streets from the archway straight down the main road. To take no more than 2 hours. It was therefore agreed that we get as many volunteers as possible to meet at El Mocan at 10 am Sunday 30 November 2014. Bring your red apron given out at the meeting, those who don’t already have one they will be available on the day.

Update 6 October: The date for the second meeting of Clean up Palm Mar has now been confirmed for 26 October, at 2pm in El Mocan. Organizers say that everyone is welcome, and that many people are already very busy transforming Palm Mar into the beautiful place they all know it can be.

Original post 1 October: They pay their IBIs, and might think that the council should provide the service, but frustration has finally got to the residents of Palm Mar and they have taken matters into their own hands. Fed up with litter and dog mess left by the irresponsible and uncaring, and even worse, Arona Ayuntamiento’s lethargy and uninterest, a small but growing group of currently around 20 residents has been organized.

The group is using Facebook’s Palm Mar Group (HERE) to update all the residents on events and future schedules, and chairman Peter Clarke says that the first meeting was held at Clouseau’s on Sunday, 28 September, with the next meeting at El Mocan on Saturday, 26 October. Peter says he would also like to thank Paul, Mark, Tess, Sue and Jan for their wonderful efforts this week.

Good luck to them. They shouldn’t have to do it, but sometimes needs must, particularly for motivated and responsible residents. Here are some photos from that FB group.

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