El Hierro “Parador” to close only for five months for refurbishments

Update 14 December: The viceconsejero de Turismo del Gobierno de Canarias, Ricardo Fernández de la Puente Armas, confirmed yesterday in Madrid that the closure of the El Hierro Parador will only be for five months maximum starting from January and agreed with the workers, for refurbishments.

Sr Fernández said that he was assured of this by the President of the Parador chain, Miguel Martínez, and indicated that he was satisfied by Sr Martínez’ awareness of the importance of the hotel to El Hierro.

Original post 9 December: The Parador group of hotels in Spain has announced the provisional closure of the El Hierro Parador and the opening of an official process for laying off staff. The senator elect of the El Hierro Independent-Coalición Canaria (AHI-CC) group, Narvay Quintero, is to meet with the president of the Parador group in Madrid next Wednesday to try to secure guarantees for the hotel’s future.

Sr Quintero said it was deplorable that the Parador Group, a state institution, was proposing the closure of such an emblematic touristic icon at a time when El Hierro was undergoing its worst ever crisis as a result of the recession and the volcanic eruption. He stressed that right now, El Hierro needed solutions to improve the island’s situation, and not something that could contribute to wiping out its tourism.

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