Paraglider collides with woman while landing at La Caleta

There was excitement, then also shock and concern, this afternoon after a paraglider hit a 65-year-old woman while landing at Playa de La Caleta. Emergency services say that they were called out around 3pm with reports of the accident, and ambulance crew found the woman with back injuries from the impact. She was immobilized at the scene and transferred to Hospitén Sur where her condition is said to be comfortable.


  1. I also witnessed a collision between a paraglider and a tourist.
    I had just said it and then it happened. I will say more, one of these days someone will die because of the impact. Tourists and paragliders on the same beach are not compatible.

  2. You are implying that people go to that beach with the hope of watching innocent people get badly injured?

    1. Author

      No, I’m saying explicitly that people go there to see landings that are near accidents and/or close misses. That is what I hear repeatedly. No-one wants to see anyone actually hurt, but there is a perception that it’s an exciting place to be because of the chance that something out of the ordinary will happen.

  3. The lady mentioned in the article above was my mother, who i would like to add is younger than your article suggests. My father & 4 year old child were also hit by the paraglider who lost control when attempting to land. Thankfully my father & son escaped with minor cuts & bruising. My mother however took the full force of the impact, she was kicked in the ribcage by the paragliders feet, which knocked her to the ground with incredible force, smashing her right shoulder & head onto the pebbles. We were all stood on the designated wooden walkway next to the beach bar when it happened. We initially feared we had lost her, as she lay there not moving or breathing with a dark liquid coming out of her mouth.

    For anyone to use the word ‘excitement’ in relation to this incident i find quite inappropriate & i would kindly request that you consider re-wording your article.

    I would like to thank those who commented on this article for their concern, as well as the emergency services, doctors & the members of the public for their help on the day & the continued efforts being made to help her make her recovery. My mum suffered a bleed to the brain, which is now under control. She has been in a lot of pain & has been experiencing difficulty with her vision & difficulty walking but she is improving day by day.

    1. Author

      Just to clarify, I didn’t “suggest” an age, but directly quoted the emergency services who took the information at the scene. As to the use of the word “excitement”, I think it is appropriate given the comments I hear about why people go there precisely with the hope of experiencing this sort of incident. Initial excitement turned to shock and concern, however, words I also used, all appropriately, in my opinion. I’m glad to hear your mother is improving.

  4. Fully agree with the above, I have been landed on, thankfully only canopy, I think they need to designate an area with some sort of fencing to warn public

  5. I do hope the lady has not been seriously injured and recovers well.

    This is a difficult issue.

    There are more and more commercial paragliding landings on the Enramada beach. Do you now go to that beach and accept the risk that a paraglider might hit you? It is after all a public beach and the paragliders land extremely close to the chairs and tables of a very popular beach bar. I have seen a number of close calls.

    The irony is that some people go to that beach bar in part to watch the paragliders land. They are still travelling at quite a speed when they land and to be hit by one must be like being hit by a bicycle being ridden at top speed. There are no notices warning anybody about the danger; it might be sensible if some were erected.

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