Paraglider rescued after hanging in a tree overnight in Los Realejos

Photos: 112 Canaries

A Polish paraglider was lucky to be rescued uninjured this morning after falling into some trees on a vertical slope in the La Corona area of Los Realejos yesterday evening. Emergency services say that they were called out just after 6pm with reports of the accident in which the man had become entangled in the tree’s branches. Due to the terrain a search and rescue helicopter was disapatched but the vertical slope meant that it could not actually approach near enough to carry out the rescue.

After scanning the area from the air, the crew helped to guide a team of bomberos to the stranded man. Since the rescuers were able to speak directly to him, it was agreed that the rescue would wait until first light rather than take further risks by working in the pitch dark in extremely steep terrain. At dawn today, weather conditions worsened and hampered rescue attempts, but finally, after the bomberos returned again to the scene, two paramedics and two firemen were lowered to the slope to construct a pulley device to allow the stricken paraglider to be hoisted to the helicopter after the best part of 24 hours hanging in a tree.

A huge rescue operation involving two helicopters, a team of bomberos, the emergency services control room and the Los Realejos Pollicia Local, thankfully ending in a successful mission and an uninjured paraglider!

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