Part of Playa de las Américas cleared after shark spotted off the coast near the Veronicas

Update 8 October: The deputy mayor and Environment councillor of Arona, Antonio Sosa, has announced that the council has initiated a procedural response protocol along with security forces as a result of the sightings – now three in little less than a month – in the Playa Troya area. Sr Sosa stressed that he did not wish to generate alarm, not least because there is no history of aggression with these creatures. He said that in principle there is no danger, but that the council wanted to avoid any possible incidents. The council will now carry out an in-depth study, Sr Sosa concluded.

Update 7 October: And security forces have cleared the same area of beach once again as a safety measure after a shark was spotted around 2.30 this afternoon behind the Verónicas in Playa de las Américas. The shark, said not to be large, was sighted just four metres from the shore, police say.

Original post 24 September:  Bathers in Playa de las Américas were advised by security and emergency services to leave the sea and beach area yesterday afternoon around 4pm after a shark was spotted swimming near the coast. The two-metre long creature seems to have been swimming in a one kilometre stretch of the Veronicas area. After a couple of hours a Guardia Civil crew searched the area but the shark couldn’t be seen. There have been around a dozen instances this summer of sharks spotted in Tenerife’s waters. They are said to be to the largest extent harmless, but still cause alarm when seen.



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