Parts of Icod under total domestic water usage ban while tests are carried out

Icodemsa, the water company covering the Icod area, has announced that there is a total ban on water usage in the following areas until further notice. The rule is extensive: there must be no water used for drinking, cooking, nor preparing food:

Los Piquetes, Caserío San Pablo, La Patita, Cueva del Viento, La Manca, Los Márquez, Camino Marengo, La Deseada, Las Lajas (including La Urbanización Los Pinos to Pino Cafoño), Camino Viejo a Redondo to las Vistas, El Sobrado, El Lance and el Sabuguero (El Amparo), Ruy Blas, Camino La Ladera and La Magarza.

The company says that it will update information as and when it is able following analysis which will be carried out throughout the next few days.  The problem is apparently thought to be low supplies reducing volume in local reservoir tanks to such a level that remaining water quality could not be guaranteed.

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