Patera arrives at Los Abrigos harbour

A patera with 26 on board arrived at the Granadilla coast overnight. Emergency services say that there were 14 men and 12 women in the craft which came into Los Abrigos harbour. SUC and Cruz Roja assessed and assisted the occupants, but only one needed medical help, a woman who was taken to a local hospital where her condition is said to be comfortable.


  1. Hello Janet, thanks a lot for your very nice blog!
    One question, I remember that there are too many arrivals of migrants compared to the places to welcome them in good conditions (health, wellness, etc.) in the Canarias and Tenerife. Do you know where the migrants from the pateras are oriented, I mean, are there a migrant camp with the cruz roja support, or is there a center, or are they directly oriented to Spain where there are migrants center where they apply to ask to stay in Spain ? Have a nic day.

    1. Author

      There is an immigration detention centre (Centro de Internamiento de Extranjeros) a little south of Santa Cruz. This is where they are held while any claims for refugee status are assessed, or while investigations into an immigrant’s place of origin are carried out for repatriation purposes.

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