Patera arrives under own steam at Los Abrigos harbour

Another patera has arrived at Tenerife, this time in the early hours of this morning and under its own steam. Emergency services say that the craft, which was spotted on its arrival at Los Abrigos harbour, was again one of a pair, the other of whose occupants were taken to Arguineguín in Gran Canaria by lifeboat. In Tenerife, the Los Abrigos craft had 23 on board: all were in good health apart from one woman who needed to be taken to a health centre for treatment.


  1. What happens to these poor people. What is the process and where are they sent or housed or whatever?

    1. Author

      They are assessed by Cruz Roja and then taken to an internment centre up near Candelaria, the old Guardia Civil cuartel in Hoya Fria. There they are processed to see if they can be granted refugee status, need further investigation, or returned to their country of origin if it can be established.

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