Patera brought into Los Cristianos with 8 of 36 occupants taken to hospital

Updated 10 August:  The patera discovered 50km due south of Tenerife yesterday was towed into Los Cristianos harbour around 10pm last night, with police, red cross, medical personnel and emergency services all waiting for its arrival. There were 36 on board including two babies and a four-year-old girl. Eight of the occupants have been transferred to hospital for treatments and evaluation, though none of them are thought to be seriously ill. The others on the craft, which had been at sea for four days after departing from Agadir in Morocco, are now being processed through the usual channels.

Original post 9 August: A patera has been spotted off the coast of Tenerife and is  currently being towed into Los Cristianos harbour. At present, there’s no detail about numbers or condition of those on board. It’s the second craft arriving at the Canary Islands today, with one arriving early this morning at Arguineguín in Gran Canaria with 29 on board, unusually more women than men, and five children.  

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