Paulino Rivero deselected by his own party as candidate for Canarian president

Update 13 November: There is discreet silence from the Rivero camp, but as of today one can only imagine their jubilation at the news that the replacement presidential candidate, Fernando Clavijo, has been imputed (named as a formal suspect)  for investigation of various “offences” while in office. Clavijo, current mayor of La Laguna, says that he is convinced that all his actions have been in accordance with the law, and that his official behaviour has been “scrupulous”. He says, moreover, that his previous two imputations have been cleared up without any guilt being attributed. What, if anything, the Rivero camp knew of these accusations in advance of the imputation, which Clavijo said he only found out about today, is of course unknown.

Original post 12 September: Canarian president Paulino Rivero will not be president after 2015’s elections, that much is already clear after he withdrew from the race to represent his party, Coalición Canaria (CC), as presidential candidate following a defeat in the first round of party voting. Paulino Rivero was defeated by 45 votes to 40 by the mayor of La Laguna and general secretary of the CC, Fernando Clavijo. Blaming a clique in his own party, Paulino Rivero said he would continue to work in the Canarian Government “to the last second”.

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