PAYG mobile owners reminded they now have only 3 months left to register their phones

The Spanish Interior Ministry, equivalent to the UK’s Home Office, has reminded all users of Pay As You Go mobile phones that they must register them within three months. It seems that several million PAYG users have not taken seriously the Government’s requirement to register their phones before 9 November, and users have now been reminded that if they fail to do so they will lose their telephone lines and numbers.

The Ministry stressed that under Government legislation mobile phone operating companies will have no choice but to deactivate any SIM cards that have not been identified by 9 November. Registration is simple, and just involves going to any point of sale run by a user’s mobile operator with ID, which in the case of foreigners will be passport, old-style Residencia or new-style Certificado de Registro.

The requirement will only affect users of PAYG mobiles bought before November 2007 because all those bought subsequently will have been registered upon sale under the Electronic Communication Data Conservation law of 9 November 2007. Under this legislation, mobile details can be demanded by a judge investigating serious crimes. In the main, of course, it is intended to be an anti-terrorism measure, but everyone must comply with the requirement to register their PAYG mobiles. Any who do not will lose their lines and numbers.  Canarias7


  1. Hi There

    Took your advice and went to the Vodafone shop in Adeje, same as Gran Sur, said it wasn’t possible, only between the hours of 09.00 – 09.30, also tried Vodafone at Chafiras on Saturday, said it was impossible and to call in again on Monday. I have readon the internet there are 15 millions pay as you go in Spain and only 3 million had registered!!!

  2. Author

    Hi, and yes I’ve been hearing the same things. They aren’t making it easy! Try the one in Los Cristianos, which is quite a main office.

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