Woman charged after pedigree pet stolen and held to ransom in Santa Cruz

Maybe it’s the desperation arising from the economic crisis …

Santa Cruz Policía Local has recovered a dog which had been stolen from inside a dwelling and for which a ransom of €300 was demanded by a 22-year-old pregnant woman, identified by the initials C.Y.M.M. She has been charged with receiving and forced entry.

The investigation had been initiated when a man informed police of the theft of his Yorkshire terrier. After putting up notices to try to recover his pet, he started receiving phone calls from individuals who claimed to know the dog’s whereabouts, and who demanded, initially, €200 for its return.

The police set a trap at the La Granja park, where a relative of the dog’s owner was to hand over money in exchange for the animal. The woman turned up, accompanied by another female, and the three left for another location where the dog was being held, followed by the police.

The ransom demand rose to €300, but the relative refused to hand over any money without receiving the dog at the same time. The police interrupted the proceedings at this point, restored the dog to its owner, and took the woman into custody where, despite acknowledging that she knew the thieves who stole the dog, she refused to name them. Police investigations are continuing.  El Dia

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