Periodic lift inspections like car ITVs required for all lifts in the Canaries from September 2018

There are over 30,000 lifts of various types in the Canaries, and the Canarian Government has announced today that from now on they must all have periodic inspections for technical security. The new decree ordering the checks will come into force in September, and it requires any lifts which are not inspected to be put out of order, with the obligation to carry out inspections falling on their owners, whether businesses, private individuals, or communities, all of whom will have two months to comply.

The decree has been introduced after the national Government passed legislation requiring Spain’s Autonomous Communities to transpose the regulations into regional law: the Canaries is the second area to do so after Asturias. Madrid says that the initiative is intended to “guarantee the safety of elevators and, above all, their users “. Canarian Economy, Industry & Commerce minister Pedro Ortega said that lifts could start being put out of action from November if owners had not complied with the regulations or if their inspections generated a report that they were defective.

Fines of up to €3,000 have been set for non-compliance with the new decree, which Ortega likened to car ITVs (MOTs) since they too are for security reasons, and like the ITV, lifts must be inspected at different times depending on their technical specifications, use or age. Those in public buildings and which therefore have greater usage must be inspected once every two years, while in blocks with more than twenty apartments or of more than four storeys the inspection will have to be carried out every four years, changing to every six years for smaller blocks.

The Minister said that those responsible for complying should get a few quotes from within the limited sector of fourteen specialist companies in the Canaries to obtain the best price and ensure competitiveness: the price range, he said, should be between €70 and €120 depending on the specific characteristics of the lift concerned. There are two ways to find accredited contractors to supply quotes and carry out inspections: either the Asociación Canaria de Entidades de Inspección y Control (ACEICO) whose website is HERE, or the Spanish Entidad Nacional de Acreditación (ENAC) whose website is HERE – no other contractor will be able to offer a valid certification.


  1. In three years we have not had a single breakdown and everything in the lift works perfectly ie lights, emergency call system.

  2. Is it really necessary every month?

    1. Author

      well the law requires it and the law will have been informed by experts who will have deemed it to be necessary so I imagine so.

  3. The lift in our building is inspected and maintained every month which seems very sensible to me. The contract isn’t hugely expensive, especially when it’s paid for through the community.

  4. In the UK lifts that carry passengers are required to be inspected every 6 months. A machine that can go years without inspection will only be in a poor condition or dangerous. Think of this next time you use a lift in a hotel

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