Permits for peak of Teide now available online

Permits to go to the top of the peak of Teide are now available through the internet. It’s free, simple, and takes about 3 minutes.

The specific link to make a reservation is HERE, with general information (in Spanish) HERE, both links being part of the more general national park reservations site

Those wanting to go right to the top are reminded that for protection of this conservation area, numbers are restricted to 200 people distributed in groups of 50 every two hours between 9 am and 5pm. C24H


  1. Help, I have booked for 11-11-2010 for two people to go to the summit of mount teeide from 1100-1400. Unfortunatly I made a mistake on the booking and also did not get printouts of the confirmation. I would like to cancell this and rebook correctly but hame having no success, can you help as the man at the parks office in santa cruz speaks only spanish


  2. Author

    If you send me the text of an email, I’ll be happy to translate it and send it to the email address given on the second link in the post.

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