A saved Hotel Médano might not remain as an hotel but could return to “public” use in 2018

Update 26 October: Granadilla’s mayor, Carmen Nieves Gaspar, has suggested that the hotel Médano, if saved, may not remain as a hotel but may return to “public usage”. The concessionary licence for the building’s use as a hotel expires in 2018. Possible alternative uses include an hotel school, an old people’s home, or a thalassotherapy centre, and it seems an almost inescapable conclusion that the argument used to save the building that it was a “public monument” might end up with it not remaining as a hotel at all. PV

Update 24 October: The courts have issued a “preventative suspension” against Costa’s plans to demolish (at least part of) the hotel, based on the arguments presented by the building’s owners. We’re all familiar with those arguments, which concern the building’s status, architectural value, jobs and tourism impact of a demolition. This isn’t a victory … yet … but it feels like one!

The “suspensión cautelar”, said mayor Carmen Nieves Gaspar, allows the hotel’s supporters an opportunity to consolidate their arguments, and that it would end with the emblematic hotel being kept intact. It’s good news, she said, adding that everyone who took part in the campaign and petition to save the hotel should should congratulate themselves on the result. PV

Update 14 August:The mayor of Granadilla, Carmen Nieves Gaspar Rivero, says that there have been 6,000 signatures on the petition in the first six weeks. Sra Gaspar Rivero said that the Ayuntamiento has put out posters, made a video, and run an advertising campaign to raise awareness and support, both here in Tenerife and in the Canaries generally. The hotel has also now been included in the ethnographic catalogue of Granadilla de Abona.

The mayor said that the hotel was inaugurated in 1963, before the Ley de Costas came into being, and that it had been a symbol of El Médano ever since it was opened, never mind that it also employs some forty people, the majority of which are Granadilla municipality residents. She deplored the decision, “taken in a Madrid office without any understanding of the reality of de El Médano”. DA

Update 9 July: It might be too early to talk of a reprieve, but Costas is making noises that demolition is possibly subject to negotiation, or at the least, dependent on reaching a consensus, and that the proposals are just part of a wider series of considerations to renovate the El Médano coastline.

The remarks came as Juan Carlos Martín Fragueiro, secretary general of the Mar del Ministerio de Medio Ambiente y Medio Rural y Marino, visited Tenerife yesterday and clarified that only part of the hotel is involved. He then stressed that Granadilla Ayuntamiento and local opinion will be taken account of, that each proposed demolition was investigated on a case by case basis. Perhaps something is going on behind the scenes, but there is a ray of hope in the hotel El Médano’s future. C24H

Original post 27 June: The Ayuntamiento de Granadilla de Abona has started its campaign to protect the Hotel Médano from demolition (see post HERE ) by arranging a petition. The mayor, Carmen Nieves Gaspar Rivero, said that she hoped the initiative, backed by all the municipality’s political groups and approved in council meeting, will now be backed by thousands of residents.

The petition reads:

After the announcement by the Spanish Government’s Department of the Environment of the intended demolition of the hotel Médano following the expiry of the award to  this tourist installation of this municipality, the following signatures both support the proceedings started by Granadilla Ayuntamiento to reject the plan and demonstrate our clear and categorical opposition to the demolition of this emblematic hotel, a touristic and architectural symbol, as well as generator of employment and economic activity for the municipality and the region. We equally demonstrate our will to maintain the frontline buildings between the hotel and Playa Chica, the original heart of El Médano, and which currently house numerous businesses mainly involved in catering.

The petition is now available for signing in the hotel itself, as well as being distributed in various businesses in El Médano itself and the municipality generally and, indeed, more widely throughout Tenerife. It is also intended to take this fight to other islands to get the maximum support for the petition.

The Ayuntamiento is currently also looking at ways to include the hotel and the buildings to its side in the catalogue of protected buildings.  DA


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