Pink Panther €1m robbery in Plaza del Duque brings Interpol investigators to Tenerife

An armed robbery by four hooded men around 9.30 on the evening of Wednesday, 1 April, netted a million Euros worth of top brand watches from the Ideal jewellery shop in the Plaza del Duque commercial centre. The heist, which took just a few minutes, was so spectacular that Interpol has now sent agents to Tenerife to investigate what it suspects is a crime connected to the Pink Panther gang, an Eastern European organized crime group known for thefts of diamonds, jewellery and luxury watches.

Thankfully, despite the intimidating nature of the hooded and armed attack, no-one was hurt in the robbery, the speed and method of which is described as a hallmark of Pink Panther operations. Police say that this one was carried out in a style worthy of a Hollywood movie, but this is neither a Peter Sellers comedy nor an April Fool’s Day joke.

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