Pinolere ethnographic village with its own arts and crafts fair

Photo: Turismo de Tenerife

Pinolere is in the hills above La Orotava, an ethnographic visitor museum of a village recreating the culture, history, crafts and customs of the past, including threshing circles, animal pens, medicine garden and traditional straw houses which these days are exhibition spaces. There is also a separate museum and traditional shop within the village, but perhaps what it’s best known for is the annual Pinolere Craft Fair, always held around early September with 200 or so artisans showing their traditional and typical Canarian products to tens of thousands of visitors who descend on the village for the three day fair.

This year, the fair is from Friday 30 August to Sunday 1 September, and THIS link should lead to a google map giving directions. There is a list of all the other official Artesanía de Tenerife arts and crafts fairs in 2019 HERE.


  1. Janet,

    Good evening, do you happen to know if the Pinolere arts and crafts Market is open this year?

    Kind regards


    1. Author

      Sorry, Martin, I’ve not heard anything about it. Apologies.

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