Pirámides de Güímar opens a Secret Garden

Pirámides de Güímar has opened a Secret Garden to offer alongside its existing “outdoor routes” – walks around the ethnographic park focusing on the nature and culture of Tenerife throughout its history (see HERE for these “Rutas al aire libre).

This new Secret Garden is a collection, unique in the Canaries, of some of the most dangerous vegetation on the planet. It opens today, Friday 30 March, and offers an impressive 1,500 square metres of poisonous plants, many of which are also seriously beautiful. Being the Güímar ethnographic park, of course, a wealth of information is also provided about the myths, legends and historical events concerning the plants and the various uses to which their poisons have been put.

Every time I go to this place I see something different. I find it magical, and now it will need another visit! For the Pirámides de Güímar website, see HERE (it’s one of my “Favourite Venues” in the Links and Laws page, see top tabs).

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