Place in the Sun magazine article on illegal letting

I’ve been sent today a link for the online version of the Place in the Sun magazine, which contains the promised article on illegal letting. Hopefully THIS link will work – it’s pages 40-43. (If the link doesn’t work, please email me and I’ll forward it).


  1. Thanks Janet for the link and for all the sensible information you have provided on this subject (unlike the pages of repetitive drivel spoken on some of the forums).

    We bought a house 4 years ago, which is to become our permanent residence in Tenerife when we retire within the next 2 years and we’ve let it out for holiday purposes for the last 2. However, we have now decided that it’s not worth the risk and have removed our advertising. We are fortunate that we do not need the income – it was a bonus – but many are not so lucky. Some say we’d no need to take this action as we are not in any of the main resorts where they will firstly concentrate but we just don’t want to take the risk.

    Kind regards

  2. Author

    I’m sure that’s the best policy, Helen, and it’s what I’d do myself just to be safe. Thanks for the kind comments.

  3. Author

    I’m afraid I know quite a lot who’ve renegotiated with a bank, or more usually taken on extra work, to top up the reduced rental from a long let. That’s what I’d do, really, rather than risk a fine. I have a close friend, though, who cannot make up the difference because the mortgage is so large, and so has to continue renting: the constant worry of receiving a fine has actually made her seriously ill. I accept that sometimes it’s a matter of necessity, or at least a choice between the devil and the deep blue sea. This is one reason I am so strongly opposed to the level at which the fines have been set.

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