Playa de Troya reopened with council saying joint Ayuntamientos and Cabildo investigation is to follow

Updated 20 September: Adeje Ayuntamiento says that Troya beach has been reopened after tests show normal parameters, and so the water is considered fit for bathing. The council says that a joint investigation with the Cabildo and Arona Ayuntamiento into the source of the contamination will commmence shortly, jbut stresses that initial indications suggest that the problem did not originate in the Adeje part of the coast. The meeting will also start to organize any works that might be needed urgently to solve the problem.  

Original post 19 September: It’s only a couple of days since Arona Ayuntamiento closed Los Cristianos beach and now Adeje has announced that Playa de Troya has been closed after analysis shows contamination. The source and nature of the problem has not been identified but the council says that the beach will reopen as soon as tests show water quality is again fit for bathing. Locals say, however, that yesterday there were complaints about the water in neighbouring Playa Fañabe where beach users were spotting plastic, sewage and even a sanitary towel in the sea.

This is surely getting beyond political posturing now, isn’t it? Adeje prides itself on its public health provision, and with some good reason, but it is surely now time actually to do something, regardless of cost or favour, about the situation on public beaches that is increasingly embarrassing and, even worse, widely known and deplored for risking a source of immense tourism income and, more importantly, public health. 

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  1. Indeed embarrassing, I live in Callao Salvaje. The water is regularly cloudy and plastic and other waste always float on the surface. Just like clouds. I have already asked for an explanation about this and am always told that it is because of the rough sea.
    I have spent a large part of my life at sea and I can assure you that I have never seen a rough sea and turbulent currents in Tenerife.

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