Playa San Juan small beach remains closed even though diesel spill begins to disperse

Photo: Guía de Isora Ayuntamiento.

Updated 3pm: Guía de Isora Ayuntamiento has said that the spill is being dispersed by the current as time passes, and so the bay is open to bathers again. The smaller beach, Playa Chica, will remain closed temporarily, however, as a preventative measure.

Original post 6 August: Guía de Isora Ayuntamiento has closed Playa San Juan beach because of a diesel spill thought to have come from a a boat outside the harbour, with the oil mark on the water being brough in on the tide. The red flag has been raised on the beach and the public are asked to follow the instructions of lifeguards and pay attention to any information signs and warning flags. Mayor Pedro Martín said this morning that the usual protocol has been activated and although it seems that the spill did not originate in the harbour, the council would appreciate any information that would help identify those responsible.


  1. Hi Jen, work is going slowly at both the plaza you mention and the main plaza. I saw them painting the metal framework for the pergola this morning but of course it’s now August and things either slow right down or stop so I don’t expect much progress for a while. In the main plaza they have planted a few trees and are working on planting more and installing the lights. Again, the work seems to have slowed. The underground parking is coming on but still lots to do.
    I have not heard anything about a plan to widen the pavement.

  2. Stewart hi, thanks for the update – on an unrelated matter, how is the work going on the square at the junction of Av Emigrante and Av Venezuela, opposite La Boca Rie? And is the pavement area from there towards the harbour being widened? Thanks 🙂

  3. I walked past this morning. Both beaches are open and swimming is allowed. Green Flag hoisted.

  4. I have just come back from the beach in Playa San Juan. It now has a yellow flag flying. The small beach near the port is currently open for sunbathing but not for swimming. The larger beach is open fully with many people swimming and the waters are totally clear. Not sure when the Ayuntamiento will update their advice but as I live here, I thought I would provide my own update!

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