Playa San Juan beach repair works – again

Damage at Playa San Juan March 2013
Damage at Playa San Juan March 2013

Update 8 March 2013: The last repairs to storm damage to the beach in Playa San Juan in 2010 cost around €100,000, and included improvements  to avoid similar destruction in the future. After this last weekend’s storm damaged the beach again, repairs are now expected to cost around €276,000. It must be admitted that Guía de Isora was one of the areas worst affected by the storm, and Playa San Juan’s beach found some 2,000 tons of rubble dumped on it by the heavy rains sweeping down the barranco, as is evident from the above photo – with thanks to Nigel Liggett for sending it to me – but all the same, one has to say that the funds put into the earlier works sadly do not appear to have been money well spent. Works started yesterday.

Original post 12 March 2010:  Guía de Isora Ayuntamiento has reopened Playa San Juan beach, closed since the damage estimated at around €100,000 which was caused a couple of weeks ago by the 17 February storm. The beach has been cleared of all the rubble that was washed onto it from the barranco, and the sand has been replaced and regrounded by heavy machinery.

The Dirección General de Costas is currently studying the installation of a base of special material to avoid similar destruction in the future, particularly a permeable surface under the sand right at the mouth of the barranco. There is still some work pending to condition the beach at the barranco mouth area, and this will be carried out over the next few weeks so that the beach will again be in pristine condition for Easter.  C24H

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