Playa San Juan’s beaches open again after rain

Photo: Ayto Guía de Isora
Photo: Ayto Guía de Isora

Playa san Juan’s beach is again open to the public and fully restored after the damage caused by the recent rains. The council says that it acted on the best information available at the time, but the amount of rain that fell was well beyond forecasts and took everyone by surprise. Nonetheless, some 4,500 tons of debris has been removed by 200 lorries and all is now back to normal. Both of the town’s beaches – playa grande and playa chica -are now open again as of 2pm this afternoon.

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  1. They have been very busy over the past week clearing the carpark and beaches of debris. It has been a mamoth task , given the conditions faced ,but it would be a stretch to say fully restored.
    The walkway between the two beaches has been dug up today and there are still barriers by the Marlin restaurant. Not sure what is being done. Maybe extending the board walk?
    The bigger beach still needs some attention to get it back to pre-deluge conditions.

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