Plaza de España ice rink closes in Santa Cruz and should be in Los Cristianos in a few weeks

Plaza de España ice rink closes in Santa Cruz and should be in Los Cristianos in a few weeks

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Update 16 January: The ice rink has closed today, after almost a month in which more than 40,000 Tinerfeños have passed through its doors, making it one of the most popular activities in Tenerife. It has been fully booked out most days. It seems that procedures have now been started with Arona Ayuntamiento to transfer the rink to Los Cristianos, and barring some unforeseen problem, it should open in the town in a few weeks.  PV

Update 10 December: The ice rink opens today, and at least one paper has said it’s real ice, not artificial. Various local notables were present for its inauguration last evening, including Santa Cruz mayor, Miguel Zerolo, and it seems that Santa Cruz Ayuntamiento is actively considering the possibility of keeping it open all year round. At the very least, it seems that it will be an annual event, and this year, because of the delays in being ready, it will now remain open to the public until 16 January, instead of the 10th. PV

Update 7 December: The ice rink will open to the public this Friday, 10 December, at 10am. The announcement includes yet another change to the advertised price: now the cost for adults to skate for an hour, including hire of skates,  is said to be €5, with €4 for children. The rink will be open between 10am and 10pm every day, with tickets available from a box office at the side of the rink.  LO

Update 4 December: Hopes are still pinned on the rink being ready within a few days, and the infrastructure is already in place, which suggests it could be early this coming week that it is open to the public. TinerGuía

Update 1 December: The opening has been delayed, and the rink won’t be open this Friday as planned, due to a range of problems, not the least of which has been the weather over the past few days. They are aiming to open on Sunday 5th, but it might be some time during the week before it’s open to the public. It will cost €6 to skate, not the €3-4 that was originally proposed. The price is for an hour’s skating for an adult including skate hire. Children will pay €4.50. PV

Original post 18 November: The Plaza de España lake in Santa Cruz will be converted into an ice rink over Christmas. The rink will be around 600 square metres, and will be open every day from 10am until midnight between 3 December and 10 January. It is hoped that the attraction will bring thousands of people to help enliven the capital’s commercial centre over a period essential for many businesses, but it will certainly also bring to the city a very Christmassy feel that is much more associated with northern Europe. Should be fun! PV

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