Please be careful with daytime temperatures here in heatwaves – a German walker died today at 4pm in Gran Canaria

Please be careful if out walking, or taking any other strenuous exercise in these days of calima, or indeed through the rest of the summer. A 61-year-old German walker died in Gran Canaria this afternoon after she suffered a cardiac arrest in La Culata, Tejeda, just before 4pm, in the hottest part of the day, even though 4pm to most of us suggests a safe afternoon time.

We’re about two hours out here, given that Spain chose to align its time with Nazi Germany during WWII. We should be an hour behind Spain, but Spain should itself be a couple of hours behind the main part of Europe … meaning that the Canaries should be a couple of hours behind GMT/BST … but we aren’t. Our time is the same as the UK’s but it shouldn’t be.

The hottest part of our day here is between 2pm and 6pm (midday and 4pm in any sane time system). Please be careful, and see HERE too on how to stay safe in heatwaves.




  1. Good advice and please also remember animals suffer as well in heatwaves 😉

  2. That is a very interesting observation about Tenerife time; it explains why I always feel that the hottest part of the day is late afternoon!

  3. You must drink lots of water .and if you can take a 50m aspirin.a day .

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