Police set out speed limits, points and fines as Christmas traffic campaign approaches

Police are gearing up to the official Christmas traffic campaigns, and are already reminding drivers, especially ones who are visiting Tenerife for a winter break, of the general maximum – and minimum – speed limits on roads, as well as the fines and points system applicable for speeding offences. Below is a graphic from Arona Policía Local of the general speed limits for different types of vehicles on different types of roads. (Note that since Spring 2019 the 100km/h limit is now 90km/h: see THIS post).

When it comes to sanctions, Tráfico publishes HERE the Tabla de sanciones de velocidad / multas y puntos, the table of points and monetary fines that speeding attracts. In the graphic below, speed limits are across the top, and the columns underneath are divided into sections depending on the amount by which someone is speeding (e.g. 31-50 or 51-60 etc in a 30km area). The top row carries a fine but no points; below that, the two far right columns show the amounts of fines and points deducted from a licence.


  1. Hi, going through your charts above it shows cars like Berlingo, Kangoo, Combo and Partner etc. as only being able to do 100 on the motorway, is that right ?

    1. Author

      Yes, for any cars that are defined as “mixed”.

  2. If 25kph is the minimum speed for cycling there must be well trained cyclists on the island!

    1. Author

      The minimum speed is always half the maximum.

  3. With the fine notification there will be a section on it where your friend will need to signify who the driver was. The driver will then get the fine and the points( which will be three with those speeds), unless the police offer a speed awareness course rather than giving the points.
    Failure to nominate the actual driver could get your friend a larger fine, costs and 6 points!

  4. hi , whilst driving my friends car in UK on my Spanish Eu license , got a speeding fine ,35 in a 30 zone it was obviously send to her address as her car registration . What are the regulations . I don t want her to get the points or fine on her license . I m happy to pay the fine.

    1. Author

      I’m afraid I don’t know, since it’s a UK traffic offence, but it seems to me that the choice is to accept the penalty – with you paying the fine but her getting the points – or to appeal it.

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