Police and bomberos frustration mounts as Tenbel suffers another arson outbreak

Police and bomberos frustration mounts as Tenbel suffers another arson outbreak

Photos: Actualidad Policial Tenerife Sur
Photos: Actualidad Policial Tenerife Sur

Police sources and local security forces are expressing increasing concern over what they call the severe decline of the Tenbel area of the Costa del Silencio. Some of the more colourful are extending this to cover the whole of Arona, calling it a hotspot of crime of all sorts, but what unites them is frustration at what they say is a lack of resources, and ill-considered public investment.

As an example of this they look no further than the last 24 hours, in which Los Cristianos has kicked off its carnival after being transformed into old Havana for the duration, while trees burnt, again, in Damon Park near the tennis courts in Tenbel, an arson which is the product, they say, of bored youth for whom there is no investment.

Naturally, the new council would argue, with some justification, that they are still cleaning up the mess left behind by years of corruption, and that funds have to be prioritised towards tourism in a borough where tourism is the economic mainstay, but police themselves say that the Tenbel area has been “abandoned to its fate”.

The above photos were taken around midnight last night, and they are not the only fires or vandalism lately. Police say that it was pure luck that the fire did not spread to areas where people live. What the answer is, no-one seems to know, but plenty are arguing for greater investment in local security forces, if not the Tenbel area itself.


  1. Sadly the town of Las Galletas has also been blighted by an upsurge of crime, I had my wallet stolen, and my account accessed with money taken even after my card was cancelled at the Banca March.

  2. Perhaps it would help if the owners of the trees removed the dead vegetation which “decorates”many of the palm trees and is very inflammable it would also improve the appearance of them many look as this has never been done for years if ever in many cases

  3. How sad this is ,, we lived in Las Galletas 2001 what a lovely little village ,, I remember there been a huge first then in Tenbel ,, but we loved living there xx

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