Police and health authorities step up awareness campaign with domestic violence killing of British woman in Gran Canaria

Photo: MSSSI.

National and regional health and police authorities are united this morning in condemnation of the domestic violence whose latest victim is a 58-year-old British mother of four who lived in Santa Brigida, Gran Canaria. Spain’s Ministerio de Sanidad, Servicios Sociales e Igualdad says that it works alongside police to assist victims, but that we all need to unite over the issue.

The National Police say that we just have to call 091 and they will act. The MSSSI say call 016 – the domestic violence hotline. There is also THIS website – private and confidential, and secure – dedicated to the fight against violencia de genero in Spain. The Guardia Civil says it doesn’t matter where or how it is denounced, you do not have to be the victim in person. The key word is Cuéntalo – Report it!

In this latest case, Jane Railton died in the Hospital Doctor Negrín on Tuesday where she was admitted on 21 July after being attacked by her partner. He is now remanded in custody in Salto del Negro prison awaiting trial. Tragically, local reports say that Jane had been the victim of similar violence from her ex-husband. Police say she is the thirtieth victim of domestic violence this year in Spain, the second in the Canaries.

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