Suspected killer of Icod butcher remanded in custody to await trial

Update 18 January: Sergio Díaz Gutiérrez, the 21-year-old arrested for the murder of 66-year-old Icod butcher Salvador Luis González, has been remanded in custody to await trial for the killing. The youth had been in a relationship with Gonzalez’ granddaughter, and the case against him is that after she broke off their relationship because of a series of aggressive and violent incidents, he killed her grandfather as an act of revenge.

Original post 15 January: The Guardia Civil say that they arrested a 21-year-old man in Los Rodeos airport this morning as he was attempting to leave Tenerife after the violent death of a well known Icod butcher yesterday. The man’s body was found at home by his daughter, and he had been beaten about the head and suffered multiple stab wounds. One of the main hypotheses police are working on is that the nature of the man’s death suggests a revenge motive. The man arrested at TFN this morning is said to come from Córdoba, and was trying to flee back to the mainland on a flight to Madrid, but police intercepted him thanks to a range of Facebook posts which pointed to his possible guilt.


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