Police arrest Polish man for burglary in Palm Mar

Playa de las Américas Guardia Civil has arrested a 32-year-old Polish man for burglary in Palm Mar after a resident denounced the theft of some €43,000 worth of money and personal effects from a dwelling in the village. The arrest was made after a detailed inspection which allowed police to identify the thief from traces left at the scene. Palm Mar has been the scene of quite a few burglaries lately, and it is not known at this stage whether this man is the main culprit, or one of those responsible. There is one burglar fewer in the area at present, at least, and it’s good to know that the police are not only prepared to take thefts seriously, but that their forensic inspections can lead to such rapid results.


  1. Many thanks for your link, good to here something is being done, keep up the good work Janet.

  2. Cheers Janet for some good news on this one.

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