Police arrest thief who stole vehicle with child inside it from Los Cristianos

Arona police say that together with the Policía Nacional they have arrested a man who stole a Citroën Berlingo when it stopped temporarily at the bus station in Los Cristianos. The theft happened on Sunday while the vehicle’s driver was transferring something into her friend’s car but the thief was unaware that the woman’s six-year-old son was still inside the vehicle. The child was left safe and well though frightened at a bus stop just 200m away but police picked up the 30-year-old man in Valle San Lorenzo on Thursday after he was spotted there by none other than the child’s mother and owner of the vehicle herself. The thief, identified by the initials JAF, is now in the cells at the main Police Station in Playa de las Américas while the Policía Nacional investigate the case. The vehicle itself was found locally and was discovered to have had false licence plates affixed to it after the theft.

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