Police arrest two men who raped British girl in Playa de las Américas on Monday night

Police have arrested a couple of French nationals for the rape of a 19-year-old British tourist in Playa de las Américas around 3am yesterday morning. The attack took place on Troya beach, and the young woman was discovered virtually naked and in considerable distress by another tourist who called the police.

The victim’s police report says that she met the two men in the Verónicas and after they offered her drugs, she just remembers being given a drink and then walking towards the beach. She believes the drink was spiked. Regaining consciousness, she realized what was happening but had no strength to get away.

She ended up, however, with the ID card of one of her attackers: it seems it was the card used to cut the cocaine she had sniffed. With the details from the card police identified both attackers, who were detained at an address in Costa del Silencio. The card holder has been identified as S.I.R.M.

The girl has now been admitted to a medical centre in south Tenerife. Her attackers are being processed by the judicial authorities. LO

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