Missing man found alive and well

Update 14 January: I’m really pleased to be able to post that Domingo has been found alive and well, if a little disorientated. He was found by the Policía Canaria in Casa Venezuela in Geneto, very near Al Campo between Santa Cruz and La Laguna. PV

Perez La Guancha desaparecido

Original post 12 January: Santa Cruz Policía Nacional have asked for the public’s help to trace 69-year-old Domingo Abraham Pérez G, who lives in La Guancha but disappeared last night near the Hospital Universitario de Canarias.

When last seen, he was wearing grey tracksuit bottoms, a dark shirt, beige cardigan, and white trainers. Police say that they are extremely anxious to find him because apart from being significantly disabled, he is not able to comunicate well, and would be unable to ask for help, something that makes the situation all the more urgent because he needs medication. He is also said to be taken for someone older than his 69 years given his incapacity.

Anyone who has any information is requested to get in touch with Santa Cruz Policía Nacional by simply dialling 091, or calling the full numbers 922 849 500 or 922 236 032, who have meanwhile released the above picture of the poor man, who answers to the name of Domingo.

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