Escaped prisoner hands himself in

Updated 4 December:  Juan Carlos Gámez, the fugitive who failed to return to prison when let out on a pass, has now handed himself in, police say.

Updated 30 November: The escaped prisoner remains on the run and Government representative Elena Máñez has asked the public to help get him back in custody. “As always in these cases, we are asking for public assistance, and so if anyone sees him or has any information, please contact the police”, she said, adding that an active search is ongoing to find him as soon as possible. The fugitive, Juan Carlos Gámez, was sentenced to 17 years in prison for the killing of a soldier in Valverde, El Hierro: his sentence ends in 2024 and as usual once half a long sentence has been served, well-behaved prisoners are allowed out on temporary release under supervision as part of their rehabilitation. Anyone who can help should call the emergency services on 112, or the National Police or Guardia Civil on 091 or 062 respectively.

Original post 28 November: Police are seeking Juan Carlos Gámez García, a prisoner who failed to return to Tenerife II prison after being released on licence a week ago. Gámez García is from El Hierro and is 40 years old, and was imprisoned in 2008 for killing a soldier in a fight. Police say he is potentially dangerous so anyone who sees him should call 112 immediately.


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