Police ask public not to use social media to post specific details about control points

Photo: Arona Policía Local.

Police in Tenerife have asked the public not to post in social media if they see a police control while out driving. The issue becomes more significant with Policía Nacional reports that a French car containing weapons has been picked up in a control point in Giron, while a second car sped away, jumping the control. Although it seems that these cars might have been involved in a casino robbery, police are actually discussing the case in terms of the terrorist alert level, currently at “severe” in Spain.

There is absolutely no suggestion that this second vehicle is in the Canaries, and indeed it was fleeing in the direction of France when it sped away, but police here none the less ask the public to bear in mind that there are good reasons not to issue widespread warnings through social media because it is always possible that these might be picked up by those whom we would all prefer to be safely under lock and key. It chimes with a recent Tráfico campaign which showed a car being alerted by another driver that a police control point was ahead … and the driver avoiding it with a bound and gagged teenage girl in the boot.

We are so lucky here to be so remote in terms of a terrorism risk, but it’s important not to be blasé about it. Police are adamant that they can only deal with the threat that exists with the help of all of us, and one thing we can all do easily is not issue warnings of specific police control points that we see while out driving.

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