Police ask public to be on their guard and take extra care as Santiago del Teide municipality suffers crimewave

Police are warning residents and visitors in the Santiago del Teide municipality to be on their guard in the face of a crimewave afflicting the area from Puerto Santiago to Los Gigantes, and towns in the hills, as well as Santiago del Teide itself. A stream of robberies have taken place in miradores/lookout points even where people are just feet away from their vehicles while they take in the view, and all sorts of commercial properties have been targeted, from bars to internet shops.

Several residential properties have also been broken into, and the problem has become severe over the past couple of weeks, police say, and have identified eastern Europeans as some of the main culprits – but far from the only ones. Police ask the public to denounce any thefts, bearing in mind the new tourist police in the municipality (see HERE), but they also request cooperation from visitors and especially residents in attempting to prevent crime in the first place by taking extra security.


  1. i was robbed at the bus station outside tenerife south airport today 16th February 2018 whilst waiting for the titsa bus to los cristianos at approximately 2.30pm, a romainian women distracted me whilst possibly her daughter stoll my wallet with approximately £300.00 uk sterling and 30 euros , my credit cards and drivers licence. I reported it to the police and identified them from photographs the police showed me. I spent 3 hours cancelling my cards with the card companies. They have ruined my weeks stay. I offered to stand up in court . These thieves are damaging the Tenerife tourism trade. I say take everything away from them and deport the bastards before it destroys Tenerifes tourism which the lovely canarians rely on.

  2. We had an incident yesterday in a San Eugenio complex – a couple came to desk and asked for a specific key (which was visible from reception desk ) when they started to walk in wrong direction the receptionist promptly called them back and challenged where they were going they replied “to see a friend” – the receptionist then asked them for their identification card , which was “in the car ” – he took the key back off them “until you produce the card ” – they left and never came back !
    It’s important that your staff never give out keys without ID !
    Thewoman was in her early 30’s blonde shortish hair, about 5’4″ light jacket& Jeans and a knapsack bag , he was again 30’s about 6′ tall ,slim with distinctive silvery type short hair. jacket & jeans with alight coloured rucksack .
    Worth keeping an eye out for them !
    In hindsight they should have been detained & police called but it happened too quickly !

  3. 81 year old gentleman brutally attacked and robbed at about 10.00 on Tuesday 30th January entering back entrance of Guayero apartments , Broken fémur near hip and left arm many stitches. In Candelaria hospital awaiting operation to put pin or nail as they call it here up centre of bone on monday. Attacker about 30 to 35 , 5feet 10 to 6 feet tall , medium build , long greasy hair not quite shoulder length , dirty tanned skin and dark clothing .

  4. Los Cristianos has also been severely targeted during the last couple of months. My apartment was completely stripped out. The robbers even took all of our clothes. Othe neighbours were also robbed.
    Arona police say that the culprits were also Eastern Europeans. They have never been caught.
    We have heard nothing from the police since the robberies.

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