Police ask public to help road safety by denouncing overtaking on the single downhill lane of the spur motorway between the TF1 and Fonsalía

Police have called for motorists to help them apprehend reckless drivers who are overtaking on the single lane down the new “spur motorway” connecting the TF1’s Vera de Erques junction and the coast at Fonsalía. The following video has been supplied to them by one driver whose passenger filmed the car which had just overtaken them and which then went on to overtake another – the car’s owner can expect a call in short order – but police say it is just one example of something that happens multiple times each and every day. Police ask the public to film video or take photos of such incidents and denounce them to any police or Guardia Civil, and remind them to be sure to include date and time in the denuncia.

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