Community presidents arrested as police break up British pay-TV supply in south Tenerife

National Police from Playa de las Américas have broken up what they call a national-level network engaged in the distribution of illegal pay-TV supply. This has been a national operation, but as far as south Tenerife is concerned, police say that they have dismantled an entire network supplying 3,000 users with various foreign pay-TV channels, charging a high monthly rental. In the operation, various hotel directors and residential community presidents have been arrested. The TV signal supply was organized through a network of cables arranged through individual terraces and facades of dwellings.

Police say that the illegal supply was a very profitable business, which relied on a captive audience of residents in Spain who wanted access to British pay-TV. The service had been advertised in local British media, web pages, and relied heavily on mouth-to-mouth recommendations. It seems that records of thousands of contracts containing false details have been seized, as well as delivery notes and invoices, all of which demonstrate that the fraud runs into several millions of Euros throughout the whole of Spain. In addition to paperwork, decoders, smart-cards, modulators, amplifiers, telephones and other instruments needed for the supply have also been seized. Canarias24Horas

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