Police break up criminal IPTV ring and remind public streaming pay for view and restricted programmes is illegal

Spanish police say they have broken up an organized criminal operation providing IPTV – the initials stand for “Internet Protocol television “, a system of viewing TV online. The streamed programmes are subject, police say, either to restrictions or payment, and so the system is legally defined as piracy. The latest raid, in which five people were arrested, was on an operation based in southern Spain, where three of the five were based, but operated throughout Europe, from the UK to Latvia.  

Police say that thousands of viewers from around 30 countries paid between €50 and €500 a month for the service without realising they were doing so via a pirate operator. Their operation started a few years ago after complaints from the UK’s Premier League, where monthly fees were made to a Gibraltar-based company which appeared legal because of a network of other companies including legal fibre-optic providers, that had been set up to create an impression of comprehensive legal cover.   

The operation was carried out by the National Police in collaboration with the UK, Denmark and Europol. I know there are people in Tenerife who use IPTV systems and who perhaps don’t realise that IPTV streaming of pay for view or restricted programmes is illegal, or perhaps even there will be some here whose contracted service has been affected by the police operation. I am also sure some will dispute the factuality of this, so HERE is the police report, and below the video they released with the news.

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