Police break up international drugs gang in Amarilla Golf and Majorca

The Guardia Civil has broken up an international drugs ring in an operation, codenamed Calima, conducted simultaneously in the Canaries and the Balearics. Three people have been arrested in the raids in Tenerife, all of whom are part of a group that smuggled cocaine into Spain from Venezuela.

Police investigations were initiated in October 2008 when the Guardia Civil first became aware of the organization. At the end of last year, investigators established that some group members had gone to Venezuela to get more drugs, and when they returned in April just gone, three were located in south Tenerife.

Subsequent close surveillance even recorded a clandestine boat rendezvous off El Hierro in the early hours of 13 May and the smugglers’ return to El Médano two days later. The three were arrested a few days later when they led police to their packages contaning 9 kilos of cocaine hidden in crevices in the rocky coastline. The boats that brought them in, some valued at over €300,000, were sunk.

At the same time in Majorca, four members of the same network were arrested. Of the seven detained, five are Spanish, one is Venezuelan, and one is Russian. Properties have been searched in Majorca and Tenerife, specifically in Amarilla Golf, where the Guardia Civil seized the 9 kilos of cocaine. In addition, navigation books, high-range vehicles, computers, mobiles and various documents have been taken away as part of Operation Calima.  PV

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