Police break up south Tenerife drug trafficking gang with eight arrests in major operation

The Policía Nacional have broken up a drugs gang trafficking in south Tenerife in an operation codenamed “Operación Guama”. Eight people have been arrested, all between 20 and 38 years of age, and of Spanish, Moroccan, and Colombian nationalities. Some 288 kilos of hash with a street value of €421,632 have been seized, along with 6 kilos of cocaine with a street value of €203,922. Three cars, various mobile phones and cash have also been confiscated.

The traffickers were operating throughout Tenerife, but were being controlled and organized by a leader based in south Tenerife. Police say the gang used ingenious means to camouflage and introduce drugs into the towns where they were being pushed.

The first success in Operación Guama came last July, when 3 kilos of cocaine were seized in Santa Cruz port hidden inside the petrol tank of a car coming from the mainland. Subsequently, in September, the police found 288 kilos of hash in a van in Santa Cruz which had originated in a narcopatera found on the Anaga coast. In October, two members of the organization were detained in a police raid in which 3 kilos of cocaine paste were found being smuggled into Tenerife inside the false bottom of a suitcase.

Operación Guama concluded last month with the arrest of the leader of the gang, who had remained hidden in south Tenerife while police got ever closer to him. PV

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