Police catch copper wiring gang responsible for plunging several south Tenerife areas into darkness

There was a time not so many moons ago that Palm Mar was plunged into darkness because the lighting system had been ruined by thieves stripping its copper wiring for sale to scrap merchants. It was not the only area that suffered like this, either. Police say that these days, copper robberies are a slick organized crime, a far cry from the occasional stripping of the odd street lamp by someone driven to extremes by the crisis.

Local residents of such affected areas will be pleased to hear, therefore, that in just one operation against this organized criminal activity, police have arrested four Cabo Blanco men, and say that more arrests are likely to follow, for twelve thefts of copper wiring in the Arona, Adeje and San Miguel areas valued at nearly €55,000, with further costs of criminal damage caused in its extraction amounting to around €17,000. Some 600 kilos of copper were recovered as part of the arrests.


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